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Recent content by Hobie

  1. Changelog 2.5x

    And it was checked, a simple "no" would have worked. Since there has been zero in game announcement and these forums stay dead, its not unreasonable for someone to hope maybe new information is out there that has not yet been posted, especially after this amount of time. Now, we can safely...
  2. Changelog 2.5x

    Any new on the Garrett Set (and other sets) bonuses? Surely they can't expect us to be interested in a Pirate Set if they can't be bothered to fix the ones they already misled us into buying
  3. Content of Christmas Bags

    are any of the Gambler items in the bags? DOI, Tongs, Snake, all were... But maybe that was due to them being individual items, since obviously the sets like Soccer, Summer, etc have not been
  4. [Discussion] Changelog 2.35

    that's kind of my point, we already have a formula change here on beta, so is stamina going to be setting traps from day 1 here? If not, will the skills going to simply be traded out without a reduction in values? I understand its beta and things can change at anytime, but seeing stamina doesn't...
  5. [Discussion] Changelog 2.35

    hopefully they change the set bonuses but why am i looking at a FF set with stamina? Surely there is enough discussion between The West developers that they are either planing to change that to setting traps with the new FF formula or at least post a message saying if the formula is changed, so...
  6. [Discussion] Fort Battle formula changes

    other than skill points, class questline items are useless, so do away with them if needed. players would much rather have the ability to switch even if it costs lots of bonds and nuggets to do so
  7. [Discussion] InnoGames TV: February

    a lot of good info there about the future of the west:tumble:
  8. Christmas sale feedback

    personally i just find it odd that "that" was the last straw. The game has been stagnant for a few YEARS now. Adventures were put in and forgotten about, much like the fair. Dueling changes have not really increased dueling, unless Bible dueling is what they were going for. FF's are same old...
  9. Christmas sale feedback

    cash is a bad idea. the markets are already flooded with items from the free plays plus needing bonds drives up activity via daily quests and FF's. Use your cash on those items already out there
  10. Oktoberfest

    truthfully it seems lazy like they didn't want to over power or obsolete any existing gear bonuses so they just did something that really effects nothing. or maybe they just didn't know what to do... As would be indicated by the items being released here, then "adjusted". We are almost at the 3...
  11. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    i would just like to see any change to the game play that either will bring players back or keep the ones we have. this game literally feels like its on life support
  12. Oktoberfest

    yea but plenty of sets out there with equal to or greater regen value so what's the point to adding one more or certainly several more.
  13. Oktoberfest

    well i disagree. although bonds can be useful to some of the game population, the shops buffs cannot compete with a westener and hushpuppy or polishing stone and jam/stew to the higher players. So that leaves HP and turtle shell really and those are rarely needed due to the other in game buffs...
  14. Oktoberfest

    No, not all equipment has to be for dueling or FF, see examples AQ, Cartwright, Baca, Kingfish, Winter Gear, St patricks, BBQ, Christopher Day, Nightmare, Valentines, Desmond, Chisholm, Nobleman, Aztec, Ghost of Christmas, Romeo, Earp, Builder, Prospector, and plenty others I did not name. But...
  15. Oktoberfest

    well the problem i have with another game currency, pretzels, vs using bonds is once again it kills the social aspects of the game during the event, while people farm jobs. FF's drop, duels drop, adventures especially on beta are already dead, for 3 weeks, the game is less active than it is...