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Recent content by henry j.

  1. [Discussion] Fort Battle formula changes

    If you hate hp so mutch why look for so hard to make changes. Just swap shooting (or another dex skill) and life points so that life points is a dexterity skill. For you duelers skill strength you will have both idc.
  2. Items that are but shouldn't be upgradable

    what i think is the ,nuggeteer is going to focus on 1 set maybe 2 and sell all the surplus to buy the pieces of the market he wants ;)
  3. Easter Showdown Feedback Thread

    You are not alone i got with the 150 tier: 3 steel chests , 6 pair of shoes , 5 belts , 1 vest , 1 pants , 2 250letters thats 1 in 9 for a pants/vest and 37.5% of the tier is vests and pants. so i should of got 3 in 9
  4. Easter Showdown Feedback Thread

    Not a bug Olga , Its like pants and vests in the same categorie as belts and shoes . Yet we see way more belts and shoes then pants or vests :p
  5. Splitting Duel Mot Feedback

    lulumcnoob Whats the point to duel if its just to piss the other one off. whats the point to play if the world is just gonne die out and a new will start. whats to point to live if its just to be born-work-die. see how ridiculoud i sound , yea you get my point
  6. Splitting Duel Mot Feedback

    Just reset dueling motivation to 100% every day like job motivation.
  7. Point & Click

    Why let us vote if you already made up your mind is what i ask :p
  8. Point & Click

    59% of the votes are to change it back the way it was , face it you better not change a damn thing :p
  9. Answered New items in upgraded stores

    Xdiego , new named items better be in chests because we wont be able to find those and wont be in shoips either. :p
  10. Level Cap Raise Feedback

    Where did i say i want lvl 150 in 6 months? iam asking to leave it like it is wich is close to 3 years for medium nugget player. Like you said nothing to do so give them something to do . You think getting 1m+ xp for a lvl (talking about the high levels here) is fun with no quests and no more...
  11. Level Cap Raise Feedback

    Again i'am not complaining about the xp requirements , complaining about the 15sec nerf some of you want, if iam more active and put more real time in it then you i deserve more also. Slowing players down to give a fake impresion that there is still something to do does not make it fun or add...
  12. Level Cap Raise Feedback

    Wonders if people even seen the xp charts. 1-120 = 1.753.227 120-121 = 2.496.595 121-122 = 2.622.496 122-123 = 2.758.562 123-124 = 2.905.897 124-125 = 3.065.727 125-126 = 3.239.423 126-127 = 3.428.514 127-128 = 3.634.706 128-129 = 3.859.902 129-130 = 4.106.224 130-131 = 4.376.042 131-132 =...
  13. Level Cap Raise Feedback

    Do the 15sec xp reward of beta on live worlds and you will never see a 150 on new worlds , never . Before the 15sec trick getting 120 was 3-4 months for a nugget player . 120-150 will be like doing 1-120 10x so in other words ..... The old way will take a nugget player 3 years. The old...
  14. Christmas Sale Feedback

    why 3k for the chest and no bonds option because the limit is 2k . lower it to 2k nuggs and make bonds an option on chest and bag its an eassy fix also if you plan giving a free bag and add the buffs in the cycle make another bag , i dont want a 50k bag with a buff in it :p
  15. Community Report #3: Duel Protection Discussion

    If we get to be duelled while townless then make it so i can do fortfights being townless also. If one thing no longer needs a town to do it then the other thing also.