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Recent content by Gaunter O Dimm

  1. Changelog 2.160 Discussion

    "So, which bonuses would you like? -Yes *throws a dart", 18 and 15 -The bonuses you wish for... -OK, let's talk about the day of the dead " Random day somewhere in Germany
  2. Changelog 2.158 Discussion

    I think this +2 damage per level is useless; who is going to use that? Why didn't you keep a good base for lvl, just like 250-350 at lvl 80, and slightly increase damage per level, so it's a true buff but a useful one and players still have a decent weapon at this level? At my opinion it's even...
  3. Let's talk about Fort Battles, Adventures and Duelling

    When we did decent damage but not that much so fortfights had sense, when they were strategic, when everyone could just play seems that far... Please just bring us back there
  4. Easter Event 2021 Discussion

    Easter: No decent attack fort fight set May: New worlds open June: Innogames finally decides to make a good attack fort fight set July-December: overpowered attack and then unbalanced fort fights on new worlds Please don't make it happen...