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Recent content by foscock

  1. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    Using nuggets to complete jobs isn't even an option on .net Colorado...
  2. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    The gear prices must be wrong, there's no way to get that many coins.
  3. Winter event 2020 discussion

    This is just plain odd and distasteful. Yeah, we in Australia have had a bad summer, but using that just to have yet another dig at Innogames from halfway around the world is just crass. We play this game to forget about the crap in our lives for a few hours. Personally I'd be happy to think...
  4. Independence Day 2019 discussion

    So you're saying, absolutely everything in the game should be simple?
  5. Easter Event 2019 discussion

    And what will that do, other then give duelers a better chance to hit, which is the reason why battles are rubbish now.
  6. Update 2.96 discussion

    1058 charisma at level 150...is that intended or a bug?
  7. New Issue Useless "feature"

    if you change gear, it goes back to 1. if your mot drops enough, it goes back to one. it's nothing new
  8. Update 2.79 discussion

    Sort of like using a nuke to kill an ant.
  9. Update 2.79 discussion

    Captain's Armband looks bugged... only 20-40 damage
  10. New Ideas

    Buying experience is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. Find some other way to increase interest in adventures please.
  11. Update 2.75 discussion

    Why would winning 20 duels be easier then winning 15?
  12. Update 2.75 discussion

    lmao...in the advent queue for 12 hours...still 0/5 advents won
  13. Easter 2018 discussion

    New sets have duel damage bonus, or did I read that wrong? Please say some InnoGames njub isn't introducing something that stupid.
  14. Update 2.71 & Valentine discussion

    http://prntscr.com/ib7kh7 That stat was 34 just yesterday. I slept long and hard for that, I'm too exhausted to sleep that much again. Please gimme my 34 back. :)
  15. Stop - without spies on battles

    As long as there are quests that require players to participate in a fort battle, restricting a players ability to participate will not happen.