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Recent content by Eyanosa

  1. Answered Work as a travelling merchant

    Did a search, and this didnt come up, so..... On one of the worlds I play, I have reset my skill points etc, so I have the max for this job (at current level) 106 With possibly the best gear I can (at current level) for my rank to do it. Skill points with buffs are now showing as...
  2. Product drop chance

    The drop rates are nothing like the claimed percentage on virtually every job as far as ive found. Picking tobacco states a 40% drop rate, from 25 works I have had 4, even with my bad maths I know that isnt close to 40%, so can anyone explain the way it works? Is there a differential that...
  3. East to West

    Cheers for that, didnt realise they had a version swap, much appreciated.
  4. East to West

    Anyone know where Mr Brown is located on the new version of maps? The guy who gives you the compass! Cant find him anywhere.
  5. Heavy labour fishing champion of the year quest

    What is the next criteria going to be to finish this one? Started at something like 260, of which I had worked my way up to 196, its now changed to 60, and ive had to start all over again?????? I hope there is some major quests that require a lot of trout, as i now have 152 of them, and it...
  6. Character transfer - feedback

    Eventually got to world three, have sent a support request to delete the char in Alamogordo and also set the char to delete myself. Is it normal for the char in the world you left to be a lvl 1?
  7. Character transfer - feedback

    Ok, so we were meant to delete the char on Alamogordo once we moved to world 3. I transferred last night, logged into world three this morning, and it said registration not available for this world. I then logged into Alamogordo world and my char was still saying awaiting transfer...
  8. Character transfer - feedback

    Set the migration last night, couldnt log into either Alamogordo or world 3 this morning, so set the cancel transfer just now. I am now back on Alamogordo with everything I started with, so apart from not seeing world 3 in any way, I take it the transfer is classed as a success of sorts? Was I...