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Recent content by davogny

  1. bonus

  2. 2 small forts in C3

    There seems to still be some problem with the forts. The fort Split decision in C3 is a small fort now, but it should have been a medium one. Can anyone check out this please?
  3. Answered New item in the Collector set?

    Ok thanks *can be closed*
  4. Answered New item in the Collector set?

    That means all the products in the collector set? Even the animals?
  5. Answered New item in the Collector set?

    Ok thanks for your answer
  6. Answered New item in the Collector set?

    I am right now trying to get all the Collector items, and I noticed that it was a new item called Lucky Charm . I cant find anything about it on any forum or on tw-db. Is this a bug or is there a new item for the set? And how to get it?
  7. Answered New sets

    Thanks Bluep ;)
  8. Answered New sets

    When does Will Munny's Kleider, Jeremiah Johnsen's Kleider and Elfego Bca's Keldier ..and also weapons to the sets come active? Also Kleider der Unabhängigket and Feuer und Eis comes active? Can be located at the bottom here
  9. Travelling Fair Feedback

    I agree with Olga there...I have also tried some in Alamo, and I just get crap :confused: There should be a way to 'raise the stakes' ...like going up a level to get better stuff :up:
  10. Some weird going on...

    Done it... can be closed
  11. Some weird going on...

    First of all...this is about the quest It smells like a treasure I have tried like forever to get the last piece of map (nr.4) where you are gonna find it between Searching for semi-precious stones . Has anyone else found any problems here? Or has your piece dropped? I didnt know if I...