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Recent content by crap

  1. New Battle Formula Feedback

    No, LP will dominate the same as before, the new formula is nonsense...
  2. German language errors

    In Achievement List: Achievement Big Money (red) Earn $500000 while doing jobs Titel Belohnung: Grpßverdiener crap
  3. Nick Names?

    My old onlinegame name space didn't fit to the west, so I needed a new. The friend who showed me this game was named crappybunny, he expained me the name in the sense of weird bunny. Well, so I called me crap :D Some time later I looked the word up ^^ I still like it :lol:
  4. no player duels on Alamogordo?

    You have to be member of a town with mortician to duel players.
  5. English text errors:

    After opening a wodden box Use item? Do you want to use it? You will get the following advantages: Contains an item Vorhandene Stärkungen werden dabei ersetzt. Last Line (yes, it's in german) gives no sense (even if it would be in English).