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Recent content by craka007

  1. Town Treasury

    Lovely idea!
  2. "2021 Plans"

    Will it bring a character class update to make every class more equal? all recieving skill points just like soldiers do.
  3. Changelog 2.137 Discussion

    yeah right cuz you have them super upgraded :D
  4. Character class update proposal

    I agree with you posts, but i'm going a bit further. You are changing things that wont make people actually wanna be other class that aint dueler for crits or soldier for HP/tct in duels. I'm offering all classes skill points such as soldiers have tct hp and leadership dueler WOULD get...
  5. Character class update proposal

 The game has changed a lot in the past years, classic The West ain't nothing like the Actual The West. In fact, some of the old classes are completly outdated. For example: 
 -Advents: "Free hotel up to lvl2." -> With todays Buffs it is easier to just munch energy buffs than wasting 8h...
  6. Character class changing, Proposal

    Sucks cuz they come out with crazy ass sets like union and destroy the game
  7. Character class changing, Proposal

    Totally agree Ice, but we have to try at least