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Recent content by ChickenMcGuy

  1. ChickenMcGuy

    Independence Day 2019 discussion

    Today's repeatable quest (Blueberry pie) is showing up again and again after completing it.
  2. ChickenMcGuy

    Fort Battles without Flash Player

    Coming soon here too. Atm only one testing world use HTML5 (.de west team visited InnoGames HQ and they talked with devs, you can read this in TWTimes: http://twtimes.de/ausgaben/aktuell/twtimes.pdf page 8), but I think after they fixing main bugs, we will get it too.
  3. ChickenMcGuy

    Summer Spirit Set

    At new worlds, lot of players will use full summer spirit set, what give them nice advantage. Changing to duelling weapon maybe not possible, I think they will making sale about that before Independent Event. At least, they are trying to doing something against full leadership guys.
  4. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.102 discussion

    At lvl 150 atm not need more exp and for farming tubes, don't need motivations, only energy, so I want save some for later when I can fully use it :) But for who are need exp, they maybe use it. Edit: About "The envelop" or glass tube, any chance we can buy somehow more from UP Shop, like last...
  5. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.102 discussion

    Possible make that item not unique, so we can have more than one?
  6. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.101 discussion

    .fr and .de new worlds didn't get sale, .hu one got it.
  7. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.101 discussion

    RIP new worlds around the world. For example. de one is about week old, it will be overkill if someone buy these items.
  8. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.101 discussion

    Nice Edison's saddle:
  9. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.100 discussion

    time to upgrade some, thx for it.
  10. ChickenMcGuy

    Easter Event 2019 discussion

    Same, I hope it will be fixed soon.
  11. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.97 discussion

    Hoped that one will be my personal April's joke. Anyway, thanks!
  12. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.97 discussion

    Golden buffalo neckband from premium chest is bug or joke?
  13. ChickenMcGuy

    Update 2.96 discussion

    Than they did it right. Bug discovered on Tuesday, yesterday they fixed before update happened at other servers. Beta will get that update on Monday if everything goes well.
  14. ChickenMcGuy

    Seven Sisters discussion

    Do you have got in your inventory others products too? Like 2x fish soup and 2x slice of cake? Did you reached lvl 57? If you have script, you can check at chest statics, how many you opened and what did you got it. If you collected 5 different, you get achievement.
  15. ChickenMcGuy

    Seven Sisters discussion

    Like doing exchange quest at Henry? If you have 2x rotten eggs, Henry take away one and you get one extra skill point?