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Recent content by Artem124

  1. Changelog 2.158 Discussion

    im guessing the new builder set is coming out in dotd ugh... anyone in arizona got cortez for sale??? ill buy or trade new gear etc for it :P
  2. Changelog 2.157 Discussion

    its more like wear lvl 3 nugget set weapons and win :P tombola weapons suck in damage now days - they only good in giving ap points for adventures.. InnoGames is still making tombola weapons as good as a regular event rifle.. they should give the damage of a lvl 2 nugget rifle minimum if thats what...
  3. Changelog 2.147 Discussion Thread

    i spent 3k ( all my bonds ) in the past when i saw circus + tarot + recipe book ones all in one section .. i did complete tarots in 5 tries but i opened 4 circus and got only 1 same card... during this whole fair week. . i seen circus cards once.. and didnt bother because i know i wont...
  4. Caribbean Sale Discussion

    can someone compare caribbean and cortina?? id like to see better stats on which better .. and how etc.. thanks
  5. Changelog 2.155 Discussion

    just make a updated full on coats then ties then boots etc.. whats the point of a small update every month..

    Prem dueler soldier wearing high tactic gear gets about 800 tactic in just gear + 50% tactic bouns from being prem?? so now their getting i believe 1200 tactic with no skill needed! now to break that you need crazy appearance.. you will need gear + many sps to try break that!! soldiers are Op in...

    how about you let us pay to change character class huh ;) i know you want more money.. make it pay to get!!

    if your planning to drop your dueling lvl with the potion your best bet is too also drop your duel motivation as low as possible. so when you duel so much yes you will bring your dl back up.. but if you bring your duel motivation super low it will take longer to lvl up after that .. slow process...
  9. Crafting Event 2021 Discussion

    wonder tincture is much better then that jar thing :P 100 energy + health + 20 work .. maybe you should buff that jar craft to give maybe 80% health + 20 energy + 40% work
  10. Sale

    5k nuggets... your high.... 500-1k seems reasonable
  11. Valentine's Day Event 2021 Discussion

    make a set thats good for farming lotus flowers....
  12. Winter Event 2021 Discussion

    pfht lvl 5 weapon still wont compete with lvl 3/4 musical/vaquero weapons thats why its damage so low!
  13. "2021 Plans"

    i would consider a big update on the fair.. increase product donations + construction points too finishing the fair. update he reward list.. its all crap 99% of them
  14. Changelog 2.140 Discussion

    will the fair set be updated any time soon as well?
  15. Changelog 2.140 Discussion

    those recipes are not even rare. remove them immediately! those arent even rare.. should only keep the rare ones!