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Recent content by alvin123

  1. Christmas sale feedback

    We can complain as we wish, nothing will change the situation, they will not change anything in favor of the players, whether if 90% of players complains. it's kind of useless discussion, probably funny for InnoGames. how it will be next Christmas? only nuggets? (Good idea, right?) :rolleyes: ...
  2. Christmas sale feedback

    xShteff don't advertise anymore , you work for InnoGames... 2 parts from 3 bags... :up:
  3. Adventures Feedback Thread

    i saw that with mpi we can make huge amount of xp, somebody is agree with this somebody no, the problem is that to make that huge amount of xp every day you need to play very much hours per day mpi, and not every one can do that.. because a lot of people that play tw and love this game have...